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Bellingham having a chance to win Ballon d’Or.

Jude Bellingham could win the Ballon d’Or if the 20-year-old midfielder leads Real Madrid to the Champions League this season. From the perspective of the former star striker. Sergio Aguero, former striker for the Argentina national team, expressed his personal opinion that Jude Bellingham, the

Sorloth  is on the radar of Atletico Madrid.

Alexander Sorloth, Villarreal 28-year-old striker, is on the radar of Atletico Madrid after the player’s hot form with Villarreal. UFABET reported on Monday that Alexander Sorloth is on the radar of Atletico Madrid after Villarreal Norway striker exploded in form, scoring four goals alone in

Aguirre happy Mallorca avoid relegation.

Javier Aguirre is proud of his time with Mallorca, especially leading the islanders to safety on the Liga stage. Javier Aguirre, 65-year-old coach, is satisfied with leading Mallorca to escape relegation twice in the last three seasons. Amid reports claiming the Islanders are about to

Anke Postecoglou, Tottenham Hotspur boss,

Anke Postecoglou, Tottenham Hotspur boss, The current is strong! Spurs manager raises the flag against ‘Baifah’ with all his might. Strongly opposes the introduction of a “blue card” penalty in the middle between a yellow card and a red card. Used in high-level football, especially in the

Manchester United plans to offer young player a new contract

Manchester United plans to offer young player a new contract after his outstanding form at the club. สมัคร ufabet has revealed that Manchester United, the giants of the English Premier League, plans to offer talented midfielder Cobbi Mainu a new contract soon. Recently “Cobbie Mainu” was born on April 19,

Healthy foods that are high in folate or folic acid.

Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is a water-soluble vitamin that has many important functions in your body. 1. Legumes. Legumes are the fruit or seed of any plant in the Fabaceae family, including: Although the exact amount of folate in legumes can vary. They’re an excellent source

Health benefits of onions.

Onions contain many antioxidants and sulfur-containing compounds. They have linked to a reduced risk of cancer, lower blood sugar levels and improved bone health. Onions have been shown to have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Blood sugar regulation Type 2 diabetes is a common disease,