7 easy remedies for flatulence that anyone can do

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after eating If found to be tight colic in the stomach area, similar to indigestion tight stomach or wind in the stomach belching sour These symptoms are symptoms of ” flatulence “, which will cause suffering to people who are very frequent. How to cure flatulence is not difficult, just change your diet and some behaviors.

There are 7 ways to cure flatulence:

  1. Reduce eating fatty foods, desserts, meat.These foods should be eaten in smaller amounts. Eating large amounts of these foods in one day can result in flatulence. Because it is food that the stomach takes a long time to digest. Until sometimes not fully digested will be accumulated and cause gas and stomach
  2. eat raw vegetablesEating raw vegetables in large quantities in 1 meal can cause some people to experience flatulence because raw vegetables contain a large amount of dietary fiber as the main ingredient. But because the body does not have digestive juices, dietary fiber Digestion uses bacteria as digestion. When there is a large amount of dietary fiber, it can cause flatulence. Eating blanched or boiled vegetables instead of raw vegetables can help.
  3. drink warm waterAvoid cold water when bloating occurs. Instead, sip warm water. Because warm water will help make gastric juice flow better into the stomach. 
  4. Cut down on high-sugar yogurts.Although it is a food that has a good effect on the intestines and excretory system But eating large amounts of yogurt can still cause bloating. Because it contains lactose that can cause digestive problems in the stomach as well. It’s best to have yogurt with less than 8 grams of sugar, it will help.
  5. get some exerciseExercise makes the body rejuvenated, refreshed, various organs will work better. If possible, only 30-40 minutes a day will make the body stronger, the flatulence will be less.
  6. no chewing gum. Because in guava there is sorbitol which is a substance used instead of sugar. This substance is a substance that is difficult for the body to digest and takes a long time. It is the cause of flatulence and discomfort.
  7. drink ginger water
    In addition to helping to warm the body when the weather is cold. Can also help reduce distension, colic, with gas, just brew some fresh ginger with hot water and sip it often, it will help expel the wind to reduce flatulence as well.