Celtic beat Rangers 1-0.

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Celtic beat Rangers 1-0 in the first round of the Old Firm derby match of the Scottish Premiership this football season.

A big game in the Scottish league at Ibrox Stadium. Host Rangers almost got off to a dreamy start from the first minute. Rabbie Matondo sent the ball into the net. But Cyril Dessers was caught offside firstIn the 28th minute Rangers had a goal forfeited again. Dessers passed for Kemar Roofe to shoot in. But after review by VAR. The referee considered that Dessers had fouled Gustav Lagerbilke. The Celtic defender UFABET

In the first half of injury time, 45+2 minutes became Celtic’s goal, leading 1-0. A long ball from Joe Hart was headed in the counter. Matt O’Reilly headed back again. This time by Kyoko Furuha. Shi was not offside, waiting for the ball to hit the ground and immediately volleying with his right foot from 20 yards away. Sending the ball cleanly into the second post.

In the second half, the visiting team almost scored in the 50th minute. Lille Abada passing in front of the goal. The ball caught Jack Butland’s hand and Daisen Maeda swerved and narrowly missed the ball.

Rangers, who have many opportunities I missed a beautiful opportunity. Again late in the game from Sam Lummers, the reserve striker whose shot didn’t hit the target.

At the end of the game, Celtic defeated Rangers 1-0. The first game of the Old Firm derby match of the 2023-24 season. It was Brendan Rodgers’ 10th victory out of 13 games in the big battle. of the Scottish League as well