Haaland admits both players deserved to be offside.

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Erling Haaland the Manchester City’s talented striker sympathizes with Fulham for conceding an undeserved goal at the end of the first half football game.

Fulham, who trailed 1-1 came back to concede an important goal to Manchester City at the end of the first half. From Nathan Ake’s header, the ball flew past Manuel Akanji. Who was standing in an offside position. By trying to avoid the ball so as not to change direction. But it was clearly an annoyance to goalkeeper Bernd Leno.Surprisingly  UFABET 

On-field referee Michael Oliver and VAR referee Tony Harrington were of the view that Akanji did not interfere with play. Even if it’s true that the ball didn’t touch him.

Fulham manager Marco Silva gave an interview after the game and was very dissatisfied with the referee’s performance. And it was impossible for VAR to not see the moment Leno rushed out. Until the ball has passed Akanji.

Haaland honestly admitted that Manchester City’s second goal was not worthy of being a goal.“It was an offside moment. I really feel bad for them. If it were me, I would be really upset too. It would be a terrible feeling.” The striker scored a hat-trick with one assist said.

“The player pulls away from the line of the ball and is involve in scoring goals. That was clearly offside. It is impossible for VAR not to see.”