Henderson recovered 3 weeks ago in October.

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Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson will miss September’s transfer due to a hamstring problem. The fastest is to recover during the national team queue. or may wait to complete in October.

According to The Athletic UK , Henderson sustained a hamstring injury in the 2-1 defeat at Newcastle in the middle of the week. With an internal diagnosis of damage1 Rest for about 10-14 days. Not counting the rehabilitation period.  

Better than initially expected to be damaged to Grade 2. If this is the case, it will have to fall asleep for 2-4 weeks. UFABET

However the remaining four games in September are from Napoli ( Championship / Away ), Wolves ( Home ) , Ajax ( Home / Championship ) and Chelsea ( Away ) misses all.  

The moment the 32 – year-old captain recovers is the second half of September. Matching the England national team ‘s queue, playing the Nations League , meeting Germany and Italy.  

It is difficult to assess at the moment that manager Jurgen Klopp will allow England boss Gareth Southgate to call Henderson in the flag for two important games to keep his status from falling out. Nations League A top grade  

So it would be most reasonable if ‘ Hendo ‘ recovered in time for Brighton (1 Oct. )

In some bad news, there has been some good news that. Midfielder Thiago Alcantara, who died earlier, has already been pictured in outdoor training.