Soboslai confirms his first Anfield goal is special.

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Dominic Soboslai the Liverpool midfielder confirmed that. Scoring the first goal for Liverpool at Anfield It is a special time for them. After the opening game, the home team defeated Aston Villa 3-0.

The Reds took an early lead through Soboslai within the first three minutes. Then came away from Matty Cash’s own goal. Before the second half, Salah came to shoot the ball to close the box.

“I enjoy it all the time. I’m doing what I love. I think everyone is like that and if you’re 3-0 up you’ll enjoy it. We showed last week that we enjoyed it when we were 1-0 down and we just did what we had to do.

“It has always been different. Our first home game didn’t start well and against Newcastle we didn’t do well either. So it was important to come out and do it well and finish with 11 men. We did quite well, went 2-0 early and came out well and scored in the second half.” UFABET 

The Hungarian star said:

When asked about his first goal in a Reds shirt. The Hungarian star said: “It was a special time. If you score your first goal for Liverpool at Anfield it will always be special. I’m looking at doing more.”

“Honestly, we practice in these situations. And I think after the first game I was shooting 50 meters away, so I was more focused. Even a little bit of luck But I just try to do my best.” 

When asked about the adjustments in the Liverpool team. Soboslai replied: “Yes, I said after the second or third game that of course we need time. We still don’t know each other very well. But we will keep getting better.”

When asked about Mohamed Salah’s future. He replied: “You know it’s football that everyone is talking about. We’re very happy that he’s staying. Of course we talk. But he wants to stay He wants to be here with us. we are very happy We need people like him on the team.”