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7 easy remedies for flatulence that anyone can do

after eating If found to be tight colic in the stomach area, similar to indigestion tight stomach or wind in the stomach belching sour These symptoms are symptoms of ” flatulence “, which will cause suffering to people who are very frequent. How to cure flatulence is not difficult, just change your diet

7 Vegetables and Fruits High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vitamin that has received a lot of attention since the start of the COVID -19 virus because it helps strengthen the body’s immunity to fight the virus. And when it comes to sources of vitamin C Most Japanese people think of yellow lemons and Thai

5 food menus packed with high collagen

In addition to having the most beautiful figure, having beautiful, firm, firm and younger-looking skin. It is a precious thing that girls everyone wants Today, we have compiled all 5 dishes, each of which offers a variety of delicious flavors. Importantly, every menu is packed with collagen. Which is a