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Anke Postecoglou, Tottenham Hotspur boss,

Anke Postecoglou, Tottenham Hotspur boss, The current is strong! Spurs manager raises the flag against ‘Baifah’ with all his might. Strongly opposes the introduction of a “blue card” penalty in the middle between a yellow card and a red card. Used in high-level football, especially in the

Celtic beat Rangers 1-0.

Celtic beat Rangers 1-0 in the first round of the Old Firm derby match of the Scottish Premiership this football season. A big game in the Scottish league at Ibrox Stadium. Host Rangers almost got off to a dreamy start from the first minute. Rabbie

Soboslai confirms his first Anfield goal is special.

Dominic Soboslai the Liverpool midfielder confirmed that. Scoring the first goal for Liverpool at Anfield It is a special time for them. After the opening game, the home team defeated Aston Villa 3-0. The Reds took an early lead through Soboslai within the first three minutes. Then

Haaland admits both players deserved to be offside.

Erling Haaland the Manchester City’s talented striker sympathizes with Fulham for conceding an undeserved goal at the end of the first half football game. Fulham, who trailed 1-1 came back to concede an important goal to Manchester City at the end of the first half. From

Postekoglu confirms Furuhashi is ready to take on Madrid.

Celtic manager Angke Postekoglu has confirmed that the team’s key Japanese striker Kyoko Furuhashi. Ready to be in the team for a big football game against Real Madrid on Tuesday for sure. Furuhashi became Celtic’s mainstay with manager Postecoglu last season. Win the Scottish Premiership together and