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Juventus confirm Pogba has smooth surgery, World Cup uncertain.

Juventus insists Paul Pogba surgery was successful. But still can not determine the exact time to return to the field. Pogba suffered an injury in pre-season after joining Juventus from Manchester United on a second free transfer. Initially fearing he would miss the 2022 World Cup

Schmeichel urged fans not to put pressure on Anthony.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has urged Red Army clubs not to overuse striker Anthony as it could hurt the pressure. More than a good stimulus to maintain the results. The 22 – year-old has just made his debut on a luxury stadium. Scored in front of fans

Henderson recovered 3 weeks ago in October.

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson will miss September’s transfer due to a hamstring problem. The fastest is to recover during the national team queue. or may wait to complete in October. According to The Athletic UK , Henderson sustained a hamstring injury in the 2-1 defeat at Newcastle in the middle of the week. With an internal diagnosis of

Malacia pointed to Shaw’s challenge for left-back.

Manchester United left-back Tyrell Malacia sees competing for a starting place with Luke Shaw as his own challenge. Because different parties will push each other until it benefits the team. Malacia was on the bench in the first two games of the new season which ended in defeat. But when

Live casino games: gourds crabs fish.

Gourd crab fish game another popular guessing game. That many gamblers will have to experience. In the form of a piece of paper. Now the gourd, crab, fish game has been upgraded to a live casino game that can be played from home. For this games in

Online Baccarat Techniques.

To play baccarat to win and get profit. You don’t need a bucket of money or a Baccarat Techniques. Just learn the tricks to increase your chances of winning this game wisely and in the right way. Follow us to see together. What are the techniques of online baccarat

How to play baccarat online to get money?

Every player expects both entertainment and rewards from playing baccarat online. Let’s see how to play baccarat to get money to do. We have a simple procedure. Let’s continue to share without cuddle. Let’s take a look below together betting. 1. Play with famous online baccarat websites. The shortcut

Live Casinos vs Online Casino.

Live casinos are games that have been developed to reduce player limits. By the arrival of live casinos has completely changed the gambling industry. Because playing live casino is open to players from all over the world to join. Without having to travel to a real casino. And also