Schmeichel urged fans not to put pressure on Anthony.

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Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has urged Red Army clubs not to overuse striker Anthony as it could hurt the pressure. More than a good stimulus to maintain the results.

The 22 – year-old has just made his debut on a luxury stadium. Scored in front of fans at Old Trafford at the weekend in a 3-1 win over  Arsenal.

As a result , Erik ten Hag ‘s team won four consecutive matches until they were in the fifth table. From the first two matches of the day sink the plum UFABET.

The social media trend awakens the slumbering ‘ Red Army ‘ to move with great pomp. And raise the Brazilian Star as the final piece of the puzzle to help the team reclaim their superpowers.  

However , the ‘ Giant Danes ‘ touched the brakes of the girls. It’s better to let things go slowly than to put pressure on the freshman.  

“ We lost a lot for that guy’s price. And you need to have a little more faith in the team manager to believe that you have a manual ” 

Said through BBC Sport 5 Live.

” Because they know it’s a huge difference when you’re moving from another league to the English Premier League – and even more so at Manchester United . ” 

“ When everything turned out well. They will commend them and hope that Anthony can perform well in every game. ” 

“ The last match was really good. in the headline in all media But we don’t want to put a lot of pressure on that guy. Fight and let the young man gradually settle down to create a better league, because it is not easy to ride on his back alone. ” 

“ It’s not easy for anyone who is new to the league. And especially with the United team. ” 

“ There were many examples before. ”

“ Fight to watch for entertainment on the day he releases stuff. And then sit and laugh while showing the joyful pose, patting in front of the Arsenal fans, it’s worth it. ” 

Antony is a very creative person. Previously, the ‘ L ‘ hand sign was used to support young Ajax fans who were suffering from cancer.